With our All-In-One Solution you have a safe, reliable, central place for your shared files, critical data and critical apps like QuickBooks.

Commercial E-mail Services

In today’s business environment being time effective is being cost effective. Providing shared business communication tools, including calendars, contacts and PDA/cell phone support is crucial. These communication tools give your customers confidence and your staff effectiveness. You want services that work. THEGREENBOX has a comprehensive business package that works. Our Business Class Email Services package includes a plethora of communication tools that are both time and cost effective as well as results oriented. Call us today to increase your company’s business communication effectiveness for a more profitable tomorrow.

Web Hosting Services

A company’s most important marketing tool today is its website. Your company’s image and initial impression will often be made by a visit to your company’s website. Hosting reliability is a must for any business today. THEGreenBox offers multiple hosting service options that fit any business budget. Reliability is THEGreenBox.