With our online, set and forget backup you can archive old files and then delete them off your computer to save space and increase performance


 Business applications form the engine that drives business processes and efficiency.  They may be generic applications such as QuickBooks and Client Relationship Management systems (CRMs) or they may be very specific to your business area like a patient records systems or shop floor control systems.   These applications enable you to compete effectively in today's competitive market.

As businesses grow, these applications tend to be placed on whatever in-house system is available, limiting access to those that need it, vulnerable to unauthorized accesses and poor environments, with no ability to grow to meet the increasing demands of the business and putting the business at risk running on inadequately managed in house solutions.

 An alternative is to either host your application on a 'virtual server' or dedicated server at our professional run data center.  The advantages to you are numerous. 

  • Secure system monitored 24/7 by top industry professionals
  • Data and system fully backed up.
  • Secure access to your application 24/7 from anywhere that has internet access.
  • System is behind an enterprise level firewall, also monitored 24/7 for maximum security
  • Your system bandwidth needs and compute requirements can grow with your business at little extra cost.
  • No capital outlay, just a small monthly charge